Every Muslim Woman Should Have a Pair of Skinny Jeans: In Defense of the Muslim Man

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i’m a professional, independent, Muslim lady. I deliver lectures across the world approximately 6ba8f6984f70c7ac4038c462a50eeca3, and self-empowerment for ladies. i’m acknowledged for educating Muslim and non-Muslim ladies alike at the significance of health and weight management for health. but at some stage in this “rant”, I imply “article”. I want you to place all that to the aspect. This one is purely approximately the aesthetics of being suit.

when I cited i purchased thin jeans on my fb fit Muslimah Fan page, I got a flood of feedback indicating i was encouraging the haram and how Muslim girls have to now not be sporting thin jeans because they are too tight, and many others. 15 comments were published within the first 20 mins. The unhappy element is not simply the fact that Muslims have been being so judgmental and assuming the worse right away (this is an editorial for some other day). The sadder part is that none of these girls who made those comments even notion of the husbands. (thanks to the three ladies who surely notion of the men)

ok lets be real for a minute. I do not care how normally an afternoon a Muslim man is going to the Masjid and prays he’s still a man. We cover as Muslim girls due to the fact we realize that the girls’s frame is eye-catching to guys. We cover because modesty of our our bodies is a way of decreasing “fitnah” among ladies and men in society. We cover, now not simply in front of non-Muslim men but we also cover in from of Muslim men. So there’s absolute confidence that Muslim men are dealt with as a “everyday men” with goals.

we are blessed to have men who fear Allah and restrain themselves, their gazes and their sexual goals until they get married. And to be honest, i’m often irritated with Muslim girls who take those God fearing guys with no consideration. Too regularly we forget about their humanness to excuse our own laziness. We lay crutch on their fear of Allah and preference of the life of the hereafter, as opposed to looking to assist make their lifestyles in this world pleasurable with beautiful girls.

“the United Kingdom Telegraph suggested that scientists have found that the characteristic that draws guys the maximum strongly to a female is her hip-to-waist ratio-which means they like ladies with waists that move in, and hips that go out (think: Christina Hendricks and Marilyn Monroe). The researchers who performed this precise examine said the ratio that truly gets a guy labored up is a waist that measures about 70 percent of the woman’s hips. in addition, the scientists referred to that girls with this specific hip-to-waist ratio drew guys in, irrespective of her breast length. Jessica Alba, Marilyn Monroe and Victoria’s mystery version Alessandra Ambrosio were deemed to have the “perfect” frame through the guys participating in this particular assignment.”
Yeah, yeah,yeah, our husbands must love us for our internal beauty. but whilst he makes like to you he is not loving your internal splendor, he is making love to your frame and that my dear is all about the pleasures of the flesh. and that i don’t suggest the more quantity placing on your stomach.

Now I don’t declare to be an expert on guys, however I do realize this. if you have a husband (or need a husband) who is from a western united states of america, ever hung out in a western us of a, or maybe a watching American television and films then he is been exposed to the western idea of beauty. that could be a female who is hourglass shape with easy, toned body. that doesn’t imply she has to be a length 0. that means regardless of what size she is she desires to hold a wholesome weight and maintain her frame fit. Even guys who like “massive women” do not need “sloppy fats”.

in case you live in a western united states of america and your husband ever leaves the residence for any motive then he sees, half dressed non-Muslim ladies each single day, who’re attractive and seductive. Then he comes home to a lovely Muslim spouse… in a sweat fit claiming she has to be cozy to vacuum the ground and trade a diaper. and prefer a God loving man, he in all likelihood does not say something because we have come what may perpetuated this fantasy that a Muslim man is one way or the other less holy if he desires to see his wife in something attractive. Even worse, we’ve got perpetuated a fair larger delusion that wanting to be sexy is somehow haram, or imitating the non-Muslim. “HOGWASH, HOGWASH, HOGWASH”

Being sexy is an important component to being a lady. there is not anything haram approximately embracing your femininity, feeling preferred, and looking to be desired. these items aren’t contradictory to be a Muslim lady, they’re in reality the very basis of our principles of modesty. We educate our ladies to cover because “Allah said so” whilst in fact the commandment to cowl isn’t always without purpose or basis. as soon as a Muslim girl is familiar with and embraces the beauty, sexual power and power of her femininity then she better knows why covering her physical splendor is that much more important. She knows that withholding the electricity of her sensuality, allows the energy of her thoughts and her personality to shine that an awful lot brighter. You cannot recognize the entire essence of being a Muslim lady until you get to realize all the powers we hold.

I heard Sheik Muhammad stated Adly say in a lecture, “The Muslim female in public have to be the maximum pious girl inside the global however in personal together with her husband she must be worse than the non-Muslim women”. I for one consider he hit it right on the head. in the privacy of our domestic we need to be the epitome of our husbands’ dreams, satisfying his spiritual, emotional AND physical desires. We want to get off our butts and take the time to shed pounds and get in shape to make his life less difficult and greater pleasurable.

We quote all these Hadiths approximately beautiful our husbands once they match us. but whilst we do not need to bypass via the Hogendaz aisle then we’ve selective memory. We want to delight our husbands until it way we’ve sacrifice our time, electricity or effort on some thing that we don’t need to do, like exercise or food plan. I for one sense sorry for the man who has to return domestic normal to find his wife in a sweat suit, Abaya or her “comfortable” clothes. I experience even sorrier for the female he is coming home to, due to the fact she has no longer gotten over herself to reflect onconsideration on her husband.

the lowest line is that this. All Muslim women want to get in shape for their husbands or future husbands. Muslim girls must include their sexuality and study the art of seduction. because it’s far with these things that we can help our husbands decrease their gaze and guard their modesty even greater. sure every Muslim girl must have a pair of “thin” jeans due to the fact they’re a reminder how suit or fat you’re. And each Muslim wife shouldtreat her husband to looking her fold garments, vacuum the ground and washing dishes in her skinny denims. — And if it’s a lady, name her Mubarakah J

can also Allah forgive me if I said whatever incorrect and guide us all to the suratal mustakeen – Ameen

this text may be reprinted and published in its entirety unedited with author’s statistics.

Mubarakah is the daughter of Shareef and Atiyah Ibrahim, two reverts to Islam. As a wife and mom of four children, she is the second one era of four generations of Muslims in her own family born and raised Muslim in the usa.

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