Health & Beauty: 5 Steps to Pain-Free Shaving for Sexy, Smooth, Summertime Legs

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Summertime is near. And with the times getting longer and warmer, out come the shorts, mini-skirts, and naked legs.

Like most girls, i’ve tried it all: shaving, waxing, depilatories… you call it. while I do love the blessings of waxing, waiting more than one weeks throughout the summer for the hair to get long sufficient to wax is not my concept of a good time. And i have by no means had fulfillment with depilatories.

So what’s a woman to do? Fall lower back on our old pal: the razor.

even as shaving is in reality the perfect, fastest, and least pricey hair-removal choice, shaving still comes with its very own problems: most extensively nicks, cuts, and the feared ‘razor burn.’ however it does not should. There are a few very simple (and reasonably-priced!) matters you could do to keep away from the pit-falls of shaving.

comply with these 5 easy steps in an effort to preserve you and your razor friends–all the way thru the long, lazy days of summer:

Exfoliate, Exfoliate, Exfoliate. I can’t stress this enough. Exfoliation enables to clean the skin with the aid of do away with dead skin cells while softening the coarse hair on your legs. And that provides as much as smoother, simpler shaving. take hold of your trusty scrub puff or a washcloth and a moisturizing frame wash. You do not want to wash tough, as the puff or washcloth will do most of the work. (And whilst you’re at it, wash your complete body like this–your skin will glow!
keep the Shave ‘Til the end. even as it’s now not quite like saving the satisfactory for final, waiting until the end of your bathe will make shaving tons less complicated. Ask any man. They normally wait till the end (or after) their bathe to shave, giving their stubble time to melt. now not only is it easier to shave, but it allows for a far closer shave. The hair on your legs is coarse and wishes time to melt inside the hot water. Shaving at the beginning of your shower or tub, earlier than the hair softens, will nearly guarantee nicks, cuts and/or razor-burn. as a way to save yourself a few ache–and get smoother legs–through saving the shaving until the quit.
Use a brand new(er) Blade. This one may additionally seem like 7c5d89b5be9179482b8568d00a9357b2, however such a lot of ladies don’t exchange blades frequently sufficient. at the same time as I couldn’t locate facts from any of the razor agencies as to what number of shaves a you could get from one disposable blade, the women in my casual ballot agree that a razor blade is typically only properly for approximately 10 shaves. And that range can be even less if you have very heavy or very coarse hair. you already know when it’s now not sharp sufficient. it is able to sense dull or like it is pulling at your skin. it could look vintage. Or you could realize that you can not bear in mind the ultimate time you changed it. but the rule of thumb: it’s better to exchange too frequently than now not frequently sufficient. A stupid blade is much more likely to purpose nicks, cuts and razor-burn. So transfer out that vintage blade with a brand new one. simply remember that a brand new blade is sharp–so always shave slowly and thoroughly!
Use Conditioner. in case you handiest don’t forget one tip from this article, consider this: conditioner is the satisfactory substance to use to shave with! sure, i am speaking approximately hair conditioner. Conditioner presents a thin layer of safety in your skin, enables the blade waft smoothly, and in addition softens your hair. I hold a big bottle of cheaper conditioner in my shower (i am getting the jumbo length from Costco, with a pump in it–which also makes it simpler to dispense) that is committed for shaving. Use approximately the same quantity which you do whilst putting lotion on your legs. make sure you rinse your blade well after shaving. try this tip as soon as and you may in no way pass returned to cleaning soap or shaving cream again!
Moisturize whilst wet. that is the final step to the ache-free shave. you could moisturize with one of the new in-shower creams, the type that you put on after which rinse off inside the bathe. Or, after turning off the water however before reaching for your towel, you may moisturize with body oil or infant oil. I hold a bottle of almond oil within the bathe, and upload my favored aromatherapy oils to it. no longer only will your skin maintain greater moisture this manner, however you furthermore may might not be rubbing lotion onto dry skin–a combination i’ve determined nearly ensures razor burn.

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